Who are you?

Before thinking, what do you expect from others, what do you want, how do you want to move and take a step ahead. Just think who are you, what makes you, what you do. What other expects from you?

I was wandering to search something

Not knowing the kind of thing

Perhaps altruistic people, looking for me

Ready to help and stand by me

I failed to find a generous

Everybody egotistic and gluttonous.

I sat and took a look again

Tried to be me and regained

decided to start and walk by myself alone

To my surprise I met many, I ever adore

I was rising and risen to find hundreds

Where I reached, philanthropes were in thousands .

I learnt to be the one, who you want to see

I woke up, found I was in dream

I walked again thinking it to be a foresee.

I wrote it years ago at Quora. I read it today again, while going through my thoughts then. I m adding my further thoughts down below.

Do you know, what makes you? Who you are?

A little leniency in you, a little consideration, a little understanding and empathy, to understand your heart will help you get through all hearts.

You aren’t complete ever, you just started to walk in path of learning. Just direct your path, you’ll head toward your complete one. This whole process will define who you are, what you are, what other can expect from you. This defines, your understanding toward anything. Road you have travelled, will give you the lesson, ideas, knowledge and understanding to the travellers of the same road. You gradually get what you wanted to be.

And so what do you want from other, what can you expect, and how beautifully you can adorn it.

I m still learning. And here I m writing all the crazy thoughts coming out, when I think how much I have learnt in these years. Any comments to refine my thoughts, are welcome.

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