Prologue: continued

Scene is of the same dark room and the girl gets up on the bed. "Aaah! Fuck, I'll certainly die off in my dreams" she cursed. She gets out of the bed to take some water, and checks the time, it was 1AM. She goes out of the room, corridor was lit, everything seems fine. " Baby, let's chow down", tells herself and walks in the corridor to another. In room of many shelves, table, cooking utensils, she's opened the fridge door and looking for something. Again the sirenic noise starts. She turns back and takes her phone off the table on the side without looking at the phone. Screen was again white out and rows of black lines moving on the screen. The announcement was clear and it was saying "everyone outside the office room now". A man in black jacket, passes outside the door. "Hey man!" She gets to the door out of hall, " I m talking to you" and he wasn't in the corridor anymore.

At a platform, outside a room with glass door, with a name plate hanged, Mrs Smith, two women and a man, all in 30s or 40s were talking to eachother, and many girls in their night dress coming, and some standing and chattering down the platform. And then one of the ladies in white cardigan hanged over her shoulder with a very comfortable shirt and pyjamas inside, turns to the girls and says gesturing to Ava, " Ava, join there." Ava comes to the girls and stand in front and asks " what's the matter, Mrs Smith." "Its for the safety for you all and also to know if Mr Davis's daughter, Amelia came in the hostel. Apparently she didn't come here in records or otherwise or was at her home for past three days, she's gone missing" Mrs Smith passes gaze to Mr and Mrs davis mockingly and continues "She's been missing since three days. If anyone comes up with any news of her immediately report to me, police will be taking the further charge. Having said that, I only take the responsibilities of girls in my hostel and all the rules are to be strictly followed by them. Now all may go back to sleep" Everyone departs, and Ava comes forward and ask "Mrs Smith, is the investigation already started, I saw someone else here, maybe." Mrs Smith turns to her and and frowned to Ava saying "or may be you should go to sleep". "Aye" Ava taking all, looks at the wavering screen light of phone.

15 years later...

In front of a beautiful piano, with a photo album in her hands, Ava in sheath dress looking , is looking at photos. A girl of same age, brown hairs as of Ava, hazel eyes, with old sheets of paper in her hand enters the room and calls "Mom, look, did you write this, night of 14 September?" " Oh that Olivia, I just tried to write a story, it's nothing." "All right I'll finish it then" Olivia looks at Ava smiling gracefully and says "Mom, where did you meet father, was he with you in college. Is he in album." Looking at the album and then to Olivia, Ava replies, "No honey, I met him later." " Weren't you teen, when you got me?" " Yeah, I was, I left college early, after that I met him and got this beautiful child" Ava stood up saying this and kissed her daughter.

After Olivia leaves, Ava looks at the album again and embraces her fingers over a photo of her with a hazel eyed, angled face, tall man, both facing each other with mugs in their hands and their surprised face turned to the camera. "I can feel you around" she mumbled.

14 September 2018...

A tall man, in a black tailcoat jacket, black boots taking small slow steps, walks elegantly in the alleyway, outside a building. Mr and Mrs Davis, comes out of the same hostel building in that alleyway. At distant, the stranger in black was looking at them.

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