Growing Complicates

I don’t remember how was everything when I was a kid

But definately what I m going through now has never happened before

I don’t remember if I had to take hours to make people understand me

Here I m misunderstood as who I was never

I don’t remember where did I share all my failures

Past failures were not so big and never made me feel this wretched

I don’t remember how I used to perceive what people were saying to me

Now I m learning more of sarcasm than metaphor and simile

I was learning to speak complete sentences and other toddler milestones to communicate

Today being more expressive does come only with sentences of because and how

My mother was concerned about my growth and height

Here day by day, I m learning to become stronger mentally

I don’t remember, was there anything I started speaking and never finished

Today I have whole stack of stories unsaid and unfinished

And the only way to keep that innocence and love alive

I request everyone to live freely, talk freely,

If you have had heart there, you’d be surely understood by others.


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