Glimpse the Reason

I don't want to listen what people talk daily
But I m interested in listening what they wanted to share but couldn't
I don't want to know what bad they did
I just want to know what made them doing this
I don't want to taste sweetness of people covering bitter
But I want to sweeten bitterness which hides sweetness
I don't want to smell fragrance of freshness
But I want to smell their tiredness after a hard struggle
I don't want to love people for their inborn capabilities
But for which, they couldn't but made it today
I don't want to see people when they are successful
But I want to see them when they were fighting and finding moments to smile
I don't want to speak which tells my loss and gain
But I want to tell a story which ignites many into zeal
I don't want to feel secure and complete
But I want to feel which asks me to keep moving.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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