I m a medical student and will be a doctor soon, providing medical care, which is an art and work of content feeling in itself.
  Beyond the passion, everyone has hobbies, skills and some activities, that add up to their personality and most importantly the pleasure they get, energy they gain for something new, is enormous.
I m very thankful for getting an opportunity to become a part of such platform, to do what I like, and how can that be of great interest to others. I love writing, reading, painting, sketching, sports and learning new things. I will try to fill up this place with the experiences and thoughts I have for all the interests of mine, adjoining authors and my loveable viewers. ( Including interesting facts for you in medical sciences.) (PS- Your appreciation will help me to run the site well and keep up my work.)

What do you like doing? Please comment and tell me more about it. I would love to listen how you embrace it .
I really hope this place and all the people here will be of immense help in my this learning process.                                Thank you for your patience and love

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