Prologue: 14 sept 2018

After a hectic day, as usual before going to sleep I jumped to my bed with my phone on. My body was stiff and was slowly melting onto a gravity free space, i could only feel my heavy eyelids and phone in my hands. I was almost drowsing. But there then one thing unusual happened. I mean not to say everyday is the same, my life is actually full of adventure and excitement driven by all the challenges. You’d get to know while reading the story. Today I m straight away talking about that very unusual siren in my hostel. I often get to hear announcements on speakers, but alarm? And then behind that, broken loud voice from the speaker. That was very unclear to understand, though it sounded like it’s just outside my door, 10 ft away from my bed. In movies we see these alarms are for fire, earthquake, but there was no earthquake certainly. I didn’t even take a second to stand on my feet, thinking all this unconsciously, and looked at my phone again. Screen was bright white and it was showing interference of light waving, as we studied in physics.

In all that moment i had feeling of some curiosity of what happened, but seeing my phone like this I developed fear also. I clicked power button twice, but all was same, with that i had taken 3-4 steps to my door and I was almost to open the door. I could hear footsteps running outside. Next I was standing at the doorstep and looking all around.

Lights were flickering dim and bright and then dark, I stepped in corridor, it was dark and nobody, nobody in the room, nobody nowhere. “Ehh, where did everyone go suddenly. Come on no pranks.” I shouted loud in the corridor. “Come out” again I shouted and told myself ” this is now getting hilarious.” I hurriedly rushed towards the staircase. I saw some dark manly figure going down the stairs. Someone in a black jacket. I rushed downstairs, also to evacuate the hostel guessing that was the only command given to us, and to see that person maybe. When I was almost to catch that person, he disappeared. I catched my breath rather and started running down the stairs. I felt as I m being followed now, when I slowed down and turned back to see something was very close to my face, that was very dark and I fell back losing my balance.

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